LIL PROS TOUR AUSTRALIA !! Monster Skate Park – Sydney Olympic Park, New South Wales

Lil Pros Tour is BACK with Lil Pros Thursdays! Join Dustin Grice with lil Sonny & Jon Taylor and the rest of the kids and pros as they head to Monster Skate Park at Sydney Olympic Park!

Special Thanks: Sonny & Jon Taylor, Miller Ruks, Monster Skatepark & Staff, Brandon Loupos, Pros, Parents, Locals
Sponsors: Total BMX, X-Rated Helmets, Jet Pilot, Colony BMX, Deco BMX, Link Foundation, BMX Plus! Magazine, Dream Park Builder, Stay Strong BMX, The Factory, Fat BMX, BMX Groms, JC Action Sports
Host: Dustin Grice
Filming/Editing: Doug Griess

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