No mortgage, no kids. Now is the time ;)


Dustin Griess has resigned from his position as Application Developer II with Quality Bicycle Products. Words will never explain what QBP has done for me over the past 5-6 years, professionally and personally. I look forward to continuing our positive relationship.

My 5 month leave from QBP is about to end, so I took my boss (Dick West – IT Director) out to lunch & told him the good news 😉 He told me  I have a small window of opportunity (considering where I am right now in life), and eventually it’ll be gone. I had an hour meeting with our owner Steve as well, and honestly, I can not tell you how supportive everyone has been. I love QBP. If I keep working full time for the man, Steve is the man, but for now I need to try being a man for a bit 😉