BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE: Dustin Grice Performs in Nitro Circus LIVE Minneapolis – Video by Doug Griess

BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. Literally 16 years in the making hahh spent $250 on VIP tickets, then somehow Guetter got me in to ride practice last minute, 5 runs later it was already showtime and I was rolling in with all my homies as the local boy. Here is a quick recap by Doug … Read more

Introducing #BMXLIFE BMX News & Videos App Now on iPhone & iPad App Store and Android Google Play Store

Tired of looking at a dozen different BMX sites, especially non-mobile friendly ones. #BMXLIFE is now available now on iPhone, Android, and mobile at iPad and tablet specific versions are also available (and might I add these tablet versions are sooooo sick, especially if you also have an Apple TV & mirroring turned on, … Read more

Simple Session 2013 – Tallinn, Estonia

Sitting here on the plane back to LA thinking about this past week… Average of 4 hours of sleep every night, horrible jet lag, negative degree weather, angry Russians, incredibly small hotel rooms, no phone service, bar close after the sun rises, & no comment about the women. All surrounded by top BMX riders representing … Read more

Cover of BMX Plus!

what a week. sudden funeral in the family followed by messages saying i have the new cover shot of @bmxplusmag still dont believe all of this !! 3 invert #dreamcometrue on the cover of march 2013 issue congrats #lakehavasu hugeee thx ben@plus #loveyouall #shred4life #fictionbmx @stolenbikeco #bringbackdirt #bmxplus #bmx #magazine photo@justinstone33 also got a … Read more

1st Place Podium in Arizona – Lake Havasu Pro Dirt Challenge 2012

1st place podium in AZ. still cant believe it sooo pumped when i found out the contest was a fundraiser to build a memorial skatepark in memory of a local shredder killed in the military this one is dedicated to everyone who supports their local parks & especially our own rider funded park back home … Read more

Dustin Grice & Aj Anaya in Barcelona, Spain BMX Plus! Article

october issue of BMX Plus! Magazine mataro’s lost trails, barcelona spain w/ Dustin Grice & Aj Anaya by Jernej Pepas Šuligoj sick photos pepas nac seat & 3 no foot can thx again everyone in spain especially Santiago Arano !! #bmxplus #magazine #fictionbmx #stolenbikeco #bmx #trails #barcelona #spain #losttrails #mataro #mediterranean #europe these are seriously … Read more

10 Year Anniversary at the Minnesota State Fair

Its been quite an adventure.. In the next few weeks I’ll hit my 10th year of doing shows at the Minnesota State Fair. Fun looking back at all the photos & memories.. Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way, this year I’ll be pushin 500 total shows at the fair alone, along with … Read more

Northern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters

Step 1: Search Google Images for a place you’ve never been to. Step 2: Find the raddest photo you can in that area. Step 3: Do what it takes to find the exact same location & take the photo yourself. Pictured above was our search for “Boundary Waters”. 5 days & 40 canoe miles later, … Read more

Backflip Barspin to Tailwhip

#lifehighlight: my first backflip barspin to tailwhip. right in front of mom:)) had been dreaming about this for yearsss only few others have done it cam colton james kyle brett ?? analysts call out the others thank you bmx for bringing endless happiness into the last 15 years of my life. #followyourpassion photo cred @Jeff … Read more

My Brand New Bike in England – Stolen Bike Co & Fiction BMX Headquarters

While in the UK, Matt Nicklen took me to Fiction’s UK headquarters where they have a beautiful office, warehouse, & shop/tools packed with new product, samples, frames, wheels, etc. I spent the day with Revs & Greg and we built a brand new Fiction bike ! Black frame fork & bars with chrome/polished small parts … Read more

FISE – Montepellier, France

FISE. Montpellier, France. Park Dirt & Spine Mini. One of the most incredible events in action sports.. BMX MTB skate inline & wake, literally on the river, surrounded with tens of thousands screaming fans, parties & riots every night, all in a foreign language. Special thx for all the comments wishes & help these last … Read more

Introducing The Stay Strong Link

Introducing the Stay Strong Link. A small symbol that we are all connected. I am part of a Non-Profit called The Link Foundation, and we’ve put together a brand new hand painted recycled BMX chain link bracelet for Stephen Murray’s brand, Stay Strong. Available now at Stephen’s home in Riverside and orderable online at … Read more

50′ Backflip on MegaRamp at Woodward West Tehachapi, CA

No words will ever explain the feeling of this.. 45-50 MPH on a BMX bike. Tires screaming louder than you’ve ever heard. You’ve made your commitment. No stopping from here. Send it. Wasn’t even expecting to ride this thing outside of a few dreams, until I was at camp with Alex Landeros who casually says … Read more

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa – Hawaii Family Trip 2012

Congrats to Grandma & Grandpa Jean & Irve on their 60th wedding anniversary married on Valentines Day. Good luck to anyone tryin to compete with that !!!! Celebrating with both of their daughters’ families in Hawaii, thank you soo much!! Love you both, Happy V-Day everyone:)) Forgetting Sarah Marshall anyone ?? 5:30 AM climb to … Read more

Skydiving. If you’ve ever thought about it, do it. Dustin Grice & Evan Moyle Skydive Hawaii 2009

Evan & I went to Hawaii almost 3 years ago, and I just ran across our skydiving videos. Neither of us have really seen these since, so I took both of them & made a single edit. I surprised Evan with it on his Bday, brings back a ton of good memories !! Love it. … Read more

Signed a Winter Apartment Lease in Bright & Sunny Southern California

I was born in New York, grew up in Minnesota, and I’ve been here ever since. I graduated high school here, graduated college here, worked for 5 years in the bike industry here, instructed a college course for 2 years here, started a few businesses here, and throughout all this time I’ve been riding BMX … Read more

I AM MPLS! Fine Line Music Cafe Downtown Minneapolis Local Talent Fashion & Art Show

Talk about a unique event. Celebrating the city of Minneapolis and our local talent, Sarah Edwards from Pixel Farm introduced her I AM MPLS! Fashion & Art Show to the city last year in 2010, and it was an honor to be invited to be a part of the show for 2011.. Taking place at … Read more

Tristan Thiel’s Frontie Photo from Benny P’s Backyard in Holiday 2011 Dans Comp Catalog

Check out the new Holiday 2011 Dans Comp & see the photo Tristan took a bit ago while shredding Ben Polaschek’s big set! Fiction has a new complete available now called the “Fable” which looks & feels like the pro’s bikes… Dialed frame geometry, 8″ bars, 3 piece cranks, 25/9 gear ratio, 26lbs. Retails at … Read more