Dustin Grice 18 Month Bike Check – First Tested by Total BMX Pro Rider Alex Coleborn

Talk about be cool bike check! I have seriously been riding this bike for 18 months now and have not changed one part… Check it out:

Join black eye’d Dustin Grice & Alex Coleborn at Adrenaline Alley in Corby, England as they put together Dustin’s new bike featuring parts from Total BMX, Deco BMX, and Deluxe BMX. Talk about a dialed setup, 18 months later Dustin is still shredding the exact same bike back home at The Factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That’s right, not one part has changed.

Total BMX: http://totalbmx.com
Deco BMX: http://decobmx.com
Deluxe BMX: http://deluxebmx.com

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