Introducing “Ride MN” Products Available Now – Ride & Represent Our Favorite State, Minnesota

Imagine a sick hat for our local riding scene right here in Minnesota… Not only something that makes you look really really ridiculously good looking, but something you are proud to wear. Proud to represent. That is the idea here. All I want is a super nice simple hat to wear myself. However it is very expensive to make one single hat so I started with 50 hoping that some of my friends would like them as well. Only four days went by in all 50 hats were gone. I started to make more. And now it has somehow turned into its own brand. Not only bike riders, but so much more. What does “Ride” mean to you? Riding bikes? Snowboards? Motorcycles? Train cars? Strollers? This is about passion of riding something. In our favorite state. Not one specific sport. Not one specific activity. But what “Ride” really means to you, locally right here in Minnesota. When someone who rides something sees this logo, they instantly know exactly what it means. thank you everyone for the support! Please check out the website for all of the products now at