Tearing Apart My Childhood. My Roots. Screw by Screw.

I remember the day like yesterday, my brother Matt (in photo) & I, after building random kickers & grind boxes, begging & begging to take our swing set down and build a mini ramp/halfpipe.

We put a good $1,000+ into this masterpiece & spent a solid week building during our high school spring break in 2002. After G-Shock skate park closed I even ended up with Skate Lite to cover it.

I learned everything on this mini. Wall rides, sub rails, sub boxes, foot jams, foot jam whips, whip airs, etc. I even started shredding on a skateboard just so I could learn that sweet Ali Boulala foot plant on the deck to fakie. The ramp was shredded by tons of local Eden Prairie riders & skaters. And perfect for my high school backyard graduation party.

Basically one of Eden Prairie’s finest monuments.

Fast forward EIGHT YEARS LATER. Yes, we just tore down our backyard halfpipe/miniramp back home in Eden Prairie. One of the few tears I’ve ever shed.

Where does it stand now?? We gave this legendary ramp to upcoming shredder Bubba Tufty. His dad came down with a 20′ trailer and hauled the sucker outta there. Enjoy it like I did Bubba.