Woodward West


Week one was great! I had an awesome cabin of kids and a great group of 10 riders for instruction each day. Lots of kids learned many new tricks… I taught Hunter (one of the youngest kids at camp) the most massive backflipsOur cabin set the Woodward record for the cleanest cabin ever. We scored 550 points out of 500 throughout the week (Bonus points for our poems, cookies, money, and Red Bulls to the cabin inspectors). We got a pizza party for our good work… I met some more “team mates” this week. Ricky from SNAFU who came from Argentina/Spain, and Steve Woodward & James Foster from Drive (First kid to ever do a triple tailwhip in a comp). Lots of new people on InterBMX… I sat next to Gary Young as he created his sweet profile… Other big names on my site include Ryan Guettler, Adam Banton, Colin Mackay (Who is getting the Australians on InterBMX), Corey Bohan, Catfish, Diogo Canina, Steve Woodward, and Mike O’Donnell (Another Drive Teammate). Don’t forget about Leigh Ramsdell and Ryan Nyquist who were on there weeks ago…

Week two rocked! I instructed BMX once again and also worked as an OSI/On Site Instructor (Skatepark Lifeguard). I stayed up on top of the mountain at the Woodward West Lodge this week. Nice rooms, away from camp, peace and quiet… Looking forward to going home on Saturday. I’ve been gone for over three weeks now.