MegaRamp ASA BMX Triples Contest – Costa Mesa, CA

Incredible week in LA! Courtney invited me out for qualifiers on Wednesday & Thursday. Rode great, for some reason I am usually paired up against the overall winner at these events.. Guettler, Warden, this time Sandoval… Time to kill it in the battle back round again !! Did the one run I came there to do, 3 double whip to 3 oppo double whipppppp, then gambled wayyyyy more than I needed to against a certain someoneeee.. Placed 5th in qualifiers on Thursday. I love those huge ramps, and the ASA familyyyyyy. Special thanks to Courtney, Sara, Jimmy, Brumlow, Rick, etc, thanks again for everything. Same with everyone who hooked up a place to stay/hangout, Hucker, Snowden.. Met a bunch of great new bros too, Nicholi, Jed, Hucker’s brother (and you thought Hucker was wild…)