LIVE at The Factory, First Ever LIVE Skatepark Sessions, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is seriously one of the coolest ideas ever, streaming live skate park sessions online. Can’t make it out to ride? Do you live town? Now you can tune in to some of our sessions at the factory. You can ask questions, Call riders out, ask how to learn something, it is seriously such a … Read more

New Interview Video from Tristan “TwisterX15” Sagastume: “Dustin Grice Riding The Factory | His Channel | and BMX Plus!”

Thanks for the Video T !! “Dustin is back in Minnesota for the week! We made a video showing you guys his front cover photo on the March issue of BMX Plus, as well as the Ben’s Backyard article in the Latest April issue! Dustin also talked about his Youtube Channel and the kind of … Read more

My Brand New Bike in England – Stolen Bike Co & Fiction BMX Headquarters

While in the UK, Matt Nicklen took me to Fiction’s UK headquarters where they have a beautiful office, warehouse, & shop/tools packed with new product, samples, frames, wheels, etc. I spent the day with Revs & Greg and we built a brand new Fiction bike ! Black frame fork & bars with chrome/polished small parts … Read more

Winter in Southern California

Thank you everyone for the life changing experience. Special thanks to Jason Brandt, Dylan Pfohl, Polo, 8 Mile, Stephen Murray, Sean & Nick, Marcy & Joel, G&G, Woodward West, Debbie Williams, Da Compound, Shane, Link Foundation, Caleb Gilbertson, BMX Plus, Stolen & Fiction Bikes, AJ Anaya, Ben Snowden, Alex Landeros, Victor Salazar, Bryce Tyron, K-Rob … Read more

50′ Backflip on MegaRamp at Woodward West Tehachapi, CA

No words will ever explain the feeling of this.. 45-50 MPH on a BMX bike. Tires screaming louder than you’ve ever heard. You’ve made your commitment. No stopping from here. Send it. Wasn’t even expecting to ride this thing outside of a few dreams, until I was at camp with Alex Landeros who casually says … Read more

QBP’s Frostbike BMX Weekend 2012

Special thanks to QBP & everyone who attended, another fun Frostbike weekend in Minnesota.. New products & catching up with vendors, dealers, & my old coworkers. Love seeing everyone. Saturday night we had a fun session at The Factory, great to see Ride BMX Magazine, Odyssey, Volume/Demolition, Eye BMX, 50/50, etc visit & compliment our … Read more

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa – Hawaii Family Trip 2012

Congrats to Grandma & Grandpa Jean & Irve on their 60th wedding anniversary married on Valentines Day. Good luck to anyone tryin to compete with that !!!! Celebrating with both of their daughters’ families in Hawaii, thank you soo much!! Love you both, Happy V-Day everyone:)) Forgetting Sarah Marshall anyone ?? 5:30 AM climb to … Read more

Skydiving. If you’ve ever thought about it, do it. Dustin Grice & Evan Moyle Skydive Hawaii 2009

Evan & I went to Hawaii almost 3 years ago, and I just ran across our skydiving videos. Neither of us have really seen these since, so I took both of them & made a single edit. I surprised Evan with it on his Bday, brings back a ton of good memories !! Love it. … Read more

I AM MPLS! Fine Line Music Cafe Downtown Minneapolis Local Talent Fashion & Art Show

Talk about a unique event. Celebrating the city of Minneapolis and our local talent, Sarah Edwards from Pixel Farm introduced her I AM MPLS! Fashion & Art Show to the city last year in 2010, and it was an honor to be invited to be a part of the show for 2011.. Taking place at … Read more

Michael’s reaction to the Stolen Score complete bike that QBP & I reviewed, signed, then gave away…

We did a review with the Stolen Score complete bike earlier this summer, then signed it & gave it away.. This is Michael’s reaction when he found out he won.. Love it.. So pumped you won Michael, happy to see photos & the video !!

ASA Entertainment High School Tour 2011 Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Sponsored by US Marines – Week 3 – Kansas City, MO

Pumped to be invited back for a week with ASA this fall! Finished up the Soulstyce comp in LA around 10pm, flew out of LAX just after midnight, layover in Minneapolis, arrive in Kansas City around 9am, right into our first show of the week around 1pm. Slept all evening afterwards.. Rooming with Anthony Furlong … Read more

Soulstyce Pro BMX Dirt Comp Los Angeles, CA 2011

Colton Satterfield & Jeremy Vincent drove down from Utah & picked me up in Vegas after Interbike, we cruised out to LA for this Soulstyce hip hop music festival with a pro dirt comp. Ghetttttttttoooooo!!!! But soooo much fun. The dirt course was literally in the middle of a rodeo/bull fighting arena. Fat Joe & … Read more

Interbike & Ride BMX NORA Cup 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada – QBMX, Stolen Bikes, Fiction BMX

Can you find Dustin in the crowd?? Photo by Schlie! Flew out to Interbike this week, my 6th year attending/working+/-, & actually had to skip last year while doing shows in Chicago with ASA. Great seeing everyone!! NORA Cup was wild as usual, it’s basically the year end Grammy awards for best BMX riders, videos, … Read more