Our First BMX Contest at The Factory – Minnesota Mayhem

Kids & Pros BMX Jam & Team Contest in Miinneapolis @ridethefactory !! HUGE THANK YOU all sponsors @theshadowconspiracy @nowearbmx @qbmx @3rdlair @subrosabrand @todiefor @staystrongbmx @linkfoundation @decobmx @lilprostour @inter.bmx @mn.bmx @ridemn and our very special host @kennyshort see you all soon !!

Dustin Grace! LOL Flyer for Under Park Session in Chile

And now another session @under_park !! with Dustin Grace! The BMX scene in Chile is so friendly, very excited to be here muchas gracias #Repost @under_park HOY! 17:00 Hrs. directo desde USA tendremos una sesión gratis junto a @dustingrice gran personaje del #Bmx a nivel mundial. Tendremos premios para todos los niños gracias @mormaii_chile y … Read more


I came across this old photo that I took during our family trip to Paris. I can’t believe what is going on over there right now. Is very sad. I was really starting to think of going back out that direction, and even possibly living there for a few months as a new experience in … Read more

Finished Groud School at Thunderbird Aviation

I cannot believe how quick that went! Seven weeks flew by, Two classes each week. Flying is insane. There is so much to learn about it that you never even think of. The air is self, weather, engines, wind, State of mind, Weight and balance in the plane, runways, airports, navigation, fuel, and how throughout … Read more