Introducing the very first Ride OFFICE !!

Introducing the very first Ride OFFICE !! There have been so many freaking highlights this year & I’ve been working so damn hard to get this one rolling as well… After being self employed & working from home for nearly 8 years now, one of my biggest dreams & goals has always been to eventually … Read more

Huge Shoutout to Bob’s Cycle Supply, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I cannot think Bob’s cycle enough for all of their support with the ride product, they were the first ones to approach me and said they wanted to carry the products in their store. I could not believe it. Now, months later, they have continued to reorder more and more product from me. It is … Read more

Introducing “Ride MN” Products Available Now – Ride & Represent Our Favorite State, Minnesota

Imagine a sick hat for our local riding scene right here in Minnesota… Not only something that makes you look really really ridiculously good looking, but something you are proud to wear. Proud to represent. That is the idea here. All I want is a super nice simple hat to wear myself. However it is … Read more