Our First BMX Contest at The Factory – Minnesota Mayhem

Kids & Pros BMX Jam & Team Contest in Miinneapolis @ridethefactory !! HUGE THANK YOU all sponsors @theshadowconspiracy @nowearbmx @qbmx @3rdlair @subrosabrand @todiefor @staystrongbmx @linkfoundation @decobmx @lilprostour @inter.bmx @mn.bmx @ridemn and our very special host @kennyshort see you all soon !!

Introducing My “Sick New Shop” – One Place To Sell Everyone

As I get into creating all of this product now with the Ride brand, I also have products available for the lil pros tour, dream Park builder, and also the factory, but it does not make sense to make four different websites to sell all of this stuff. I made one simple website just for … Read more

25,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Never did I imagine when I started a YouTube channel that I would have 25,000 different people subscribe to get notifications about each video that I upload. Huge shout out to Tristan here, without him I really would have no idea about the potential of YouTube. Check out both of our channels at http://www.youtube.com/dustingrice and … Read more

Introducing “Ride MN” Products Available Now – Ride & Represent Our Favorite State, Minnesota

Imagine a sick hat for our local riding scene right here in Minnesota… Not only something that makes you look really really ridiculously good looking, but something you are proud to wear. Proud to represent. That is the idea here. All I want is a super nice simple hat to wear myself. However it is … Read more

LIVE at The Factory, First Ever LIVE Skatepark Sessions, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is seriously one of the coolest ideas ever, streaming live skate park sessions online. Can’t make it out to ride? Do you live town? Now you can tune in to some of our sessions at the factory. You can ask questions, Call riders out, ask how to learn something, it is seriously such a … Read more

The Factory 5c Latest Updates, 24 Hour Skatepark in Minneapolis, Minnesota

This one has been a long time in the making. I would say years. I have been so bored riding bikes at the factory for so long now, and I have been waiting to make this place more fun for everyone which includes a variety of all different types of ramps. We started by adding … Read more

Introducing Dream Park Builder Skatepark Creator App on iOS & Android – The Full Story

This one has been quite a project in the making, I made my first app shortly after the Apple App Store was introduced and quickly fell in love with the idea of mobile apps. One thing that I’ve always wanted to do, especially when building and running our own indoor ski parking Minneapolis, I have … Read more

Introducing The “Maddog” Brett Banasiewicz Link Bracelet by The Link Foundation

Check it out, after the success of the link foundation stay strong link bracelet, we created a new bracelet for Brett called the mad dog bracelet. “Brett Banasiewicz surprised the world of BMX, at age 15, he decided to enter the Dew Tour Dirt Qualifiers in Chicago, Not only did Brett Qualify, he became the … Read more

Introducing #BMXLIFE BMX News & Videos App Now on iPhone & iPad App Store and Android Google Play Store

Tired of looking at a dozen different BMX sites, especially non-mobile friendly ones. #BMXLIFE is now available now on iPhone, Android, and mobile at http://bmxlifeapp.com. iPad and tablet specific versions are also available (and might I add these tablet versions are sooooo sick, especially if you also have an Apple TV & mirroring turned on, … Read more

Introducing The Factory 2.0

INTRODUCING THE FACTORY 2.0 one of the only parks in the entire world (if not the only) started & funded by local riders & families who all have their own keys, now with 6′ spine 5.5′ box & 7′ quarters both directions to foam & removable resi, monsterrrr transfers, sub box, grind boxes, etc check … Read more

Introducing The BarHop Platform

This one is definitely a long term project we have been working on, it has had a real great start. We offer online tools to bars and restaurants to help make their presence online much simpler, faster, and easier. For more information check out: http://platform.barhop.com Our front end and mobile app will eventually launch as well: http://barhop.com

Signed a Winter Apartment Lease in Bright & Sunny Southern California

I was born in New York, grew up in Minnesota, and I’ve been here ever since. I graduated high school here, graduated college here, worked for 5 years in the bike industry here, instructed a college course for 2 years here, started a few businesses here, and throughout all this time I’ve been riding BMX … Read more

Introducing MEGA JUMP. The Factory 24 Hour Bike Ramp Facility.

After pulling the trigger on opening our own private indoor ramp warehouse, 6 months later we’ve lost about $15,000 (and yes everyone still wants cheaper membership rates). Evan & I have decided that funding this place by local riders isn’t the most sustainable long term solution. Now that it is summer time, we also built … Read more