Here you go BMX. Proper 360 Shoulder Invert to Downside Whip.

here you go #bmx. you know youve been waiting for this one. proper 3 shoulder #invert to down whip. welcome to #2013. #endoftheworldtricks sequence@ajanayalater camera@twisterx15 title@alexlanderosbmx #cherrypopper hahh video soon:)) Fiction BMX Stolen Bike Co. #midwestbmxscenekillinit

New Step Up Ramp in our Backyard – Orange County, CA

brand new step up addition to our #backyard is finished soo sickkk thx @sandmbmx & all the roomie help first sesh literally everyyything went down. & up. #bmx #socal #orangecounty @snowden4130 @ajanayalater @alexlanderosbmx @scotttwiford @bigdaddyakagod @simontabron @lawrence076 @austincoleman @daniel_sandovalbmx @dustin_t_orem @v_salazar @ryanguettler