Here you go BMX. Proper 360 Shoulder Invert to Downside Whip.

here you go #bmx. you know youve been waiting for this one. proper 3 shoulder #invert to down whip. welcome to #2013. #endoftheworldtricks sequence@ajanayalater camera@twisterx15 title@alexlanderosbmx #cherrypopper hahh video soon:)) Fiction BMX Stolen Bike Co. #midwestbmxscenekillinit

Backflip Barspin to Tailwhip

#lifehighlight: my first backflip barspin to tailwhip. right in front of mom:)) had been dreaming about this for yearsss only few others have done it cam colton james kyle brett ?? analysts call out the others thank you bmx for bringing endless happiness into the last 15 years of my life. #followyourpassion photo cred @Jeff … Read more

New Factory Interview BMX Video – 360 Tailwhip to Tailwhip Back (Windshield Wiper) and Backflip Double Tailwhip

My buddy Jeff Langlois made this video for class, with music from our other buddy Dave Crevier’s band SIKA (who also used to ride & do the biggest sub box fufanu’s back in the day). Chase Billich also kills it in the video. An extra banger clip for ya as well… Thanks again Jeff.

Oopsie. New First Ever BMX Trick. 360 Footjam to Suicide No Hander

Pretty sure this is a brand new one without front brakes… And why doesn’t anyone do them?? Your bars will spin wild if you don’t stop that front wheel from rotating… Exactly why everyone does 360 tuck no handers… The only one close without front brakes has been Matt Sparks who “crraannnnkkkked” down his front … Read more