Our First BMX Contest at The Factory – Minnesota Mayhem

Kids & Pros BMX Jam & Team Contest in Miinneapolis @ridethefactory !! HUGE THANK YOU all sponsors @theshadowconspiracy @nowearbmx @qbmx @3rdlair @subrosabrand @todiefor @staystrongbmx @linkfoundation @decobmx @lilprostour @inter.bmx @mn.bmx @ridemn and our very special host @kennyshort see you all soon !!

Valentine’s Day at Sydney Opera House

This is definitely the most incredible Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. Tricia and I are here in Sydney and we have tickets to an opera at the opera house. It is indeed as incredible as it seems. It is almost hard to even explain it being here. It is very peaceful. Just the area around … Read more

Simple Session 2013 – Tallinn, Estonia

Sitting here on the plane back to LA thinking about this past week… Average of 4 hours of sleep every night, horrible jet lag, negative degree weather, angry Russians, incredibly small hotel rooms, no phone service, bar close after the sun rises, & no comment about the women. All surrounded by top BMX riders representing … Read more

New Interview Video from Tristan “TwisterX15” Sagastume: “Dustin Grice Riding The Factory | His Channel | and BMX Plus!”

Thanks for the Video T !! “Dustin is back in Minnesota for the week! We made a video showing you guys his front cover photo on the March issue of BMX Plus, as well as the Ben’s Backyard article in the Latest April issue! Dustin also talked about his Youtube Channel and the kind of … Read more

MADDOG IN DA HOUSE – Annual Kitchen Pro-Am Contest 2013 – South Bend, IN

#MADDOG IN DA HOUSE @kitchenskateprk @brettbanasiewicz @daniel_sandovalbmx @lawrence076 @ryanguettler @rosslanier @hartmann_bmx @ajanayalater @twisterx15 @trevorfitz @v_salazar @chasebilich @bubbatufty photo @jasontufty first big pro bmx comp of the year going off right now #southbend @kitchenskateprk #overcapacity #maddog #support @brettbanasiewicz #midwestbmxscenekillinit ready to rock. @kitchenskateprk #pro #contest #2013 @stolenbikeco @bmxgrub @ridetcff @linksupportcharity

2 Year Ago We Rented Our Own Warehouse Space and Started TCFF in Minneapolis

every bmx scene has thought about it.. 2yrs ago feb 1st evan & i signed an intimidating lease for our local scene’s very own rider funded warehouse space in minneapolis. thank you every rider, parent, & sponsor who has helped make this possible. it aint perfect but our scene actually pulled the trigger & made … Read more

TwisterX15 SoCal Tour

Talk about a fun trip, Tristan Sagastume & Chase Bilich flew back with me to CA after the holidays where we met up with my roomies AJ Anaya & Alex Landeros, then Victor Salazar & AJ’s GF from Estonia Maria joined us as we toured all the great riding spots of Southern California… We even … Read more

Our Toys for Tots Holiday Party 2.0 sponsored by Chipotle

we raised ~$1,000 worth of #toys tonight for #toysfortots !! @ridetcff @kare11 all from #bmx riders at our warehouse’s 2nd annual holiday party thank you ALL for your support !!!! #midwestbmxsceneKILLINIT It’s that time of the year.. The foam pit is turning into a present pit and this time we’re helpin out the tots !! … Read more

Texas Toast Jam 2012 – Austin, TX

riders view from the roll in #texastoastjam pro dirt qualifiers just went down solid runs boys !!!! results soon… #austin #texas #bmx #killinit bmx legend mat hoffman @condorbmx w/ the new @staystrongbmx link bracelet at #texastoastjam !! thx mat !! support & get yours at http://staystrong.linksupport.org/ & like the Stay Strong Link page:)) #cult video … Read more

Commercial Shoot for JVC’s new GoPro Competitor Camera XX HD Action Camera

Just filmed a commercial with Tristan for 5hrs rockin TCFF shirts & Fiction & Stolen bikes for JVC’s new GoPro competitor camera called the XX HD Action Camera.. Built in WiFi, 1080, 60 FPS, Built in LCD, no case/all waterproof, even freezeproof lol, iPhone app etc #minneapolis #3rdlair #ridetcff #fictionbmx #jvc #overpass #gopro #commercial #stolenbikeco … Read more