Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa – Hawaii Family Trip 2012

Congrats to Grandma & Grandpa Jean & Irve on their 60th wedding anniversary married on Valentines Day. Good luck to anyone tryin to compete with that !!!! Celebrating with both of their daughters’ families in Hawaii, thank you soo much!! Love you both, Happy V-Day everyone:)) Forgetting Sarah Marshall anyone ?? 5:30 AM climb to … Read more

Skydiving. If you’ve ever thought about it, do it. Dustin Grice & Evan Moyle Skydive Hawaii 2009

Evan & I went to Hawaii almost 3 years ago, and I just ran across our skydiving videos. Neither of us have really seen these since, so I took both of them & made a single edit. I surprised Evan with it on his Bday, brings back a ton of good memories !! Love it. … Read more

Oahu, Hawaii

So JC was my instructor, the dude was 6’+, and jumps barefoot. I asked “How long you been doing this?” He says, “This is my third time, they say if I land good with you, they’ll let me jump on my own” WTF. lol he literally man handled me, rolled out backwards from the plane … Read more

Maui, Hawaii

Waldorf Historia Collection Grand Wailea Hilton Resort. Maui, Hawaii. First time snorkling, the water was fricken rediculous.. You could hear the wales underneath too! We spent 13 hours driving around a volcano, every few hours the scenery would totally change.. From Jurassic Park to Mars. Check out the entire album I may or may not … Read more