Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa – Hawaii Family Trip 2012

Congrats to Grandma & Grandpa Jean & Irve on their 60th wedding anniversary married on Valentines Day. Good luck to anyone tryin to compete with that !!!! Celebrating with both of their daughters’ families in Hawaii, thank you soo much!! Love you both, Happy V-Day everyone:)) Forgetting Sarah Marshall anyone ?? 5:30 AM climb to … Read more

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco. The richest area in the world. That explains it all when you arrive into Monte Carlo. Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Bentley’s, Aston Martin’s, Maserati’s, etc. Pretty much everywhere you look. And they race these things in sport car rallys along the coast up high in the mountains! Its incredible.. Then the huge boat marina has ridiculous … Read more